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Our pricing

Call Out

Our standard hourly charge is £45 per hour plus VAT, applicable during our standard business hours (0800 - 1700 inclusive).

Our minimum job charge is for one hour.

Our emergency and out-of-hours emergency charge is £90 per hour plus VAT. This reflects that we pay our staff an on-call fee for being available to work unsociable hours and pay them an additional hourly premium for any out-of-hours work. We also incur additional administration costs in maintaining our out-of-hours service.

Estimate or Quotation

Most of our work is performed on the basis of quotation or estimate, which we shall generally provide free of charge unless material investigation is required in order to determine a price to appropriate standard.

An Estimate is an approximate price, calculated with reasonable care from available information, which may be given as a range or percentage variation. It constitutes an offer to do the work and we will endeavour to keep within the price range.  Should there be unforeseeable work involved the estimate will be subject to change.  An estimated price will be used where an exact price is not required or is impossible to give due to lack of information.


A Quotation is an offer to do the work specified at the price quoted.

Unless otherwise agreed, all works are performed according to our 'Standard conditions of trading for installations'

A note on our pricing:


We understand that £54 (including VAT) is not a trivial sum of money, but we believe it represents a fair price for a fair service.


Our hourly charge for labour is the primary way in which we cover the following costs involved in running our business:

  • Staff salaries - we are a Living Wage employer and are proud to pay at least SJIB Rates for our staff in accordance with the construction industry's partnership with Unite the Union.

  • Staff holiday and sick pay.

  • Employer's National Insurance.

  • Employer pension contribution for employees.

  • Business vehicles, tax, insurance, fuel, and maintenance.

  • Public liability and employee indemnity insurance.

  • Business premises, utilities, and insurance.

  • Business equipment e.g. electrical testing equipment.

  • IT, software, and licensing costs.

  • Administrative staff and quoting and administration by operatives.

  • Membership of professional accreditation schemes e.g SELECT, GasSafe, Living Wage, etc.

  • Professional service fees e.g. legal, accountancy, etc.

We hope the above helps clarify the our determination of our pricing.


Again, we'd like to thank you for supporting a local family business.


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